problém s MySql

problém s MySql
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misho0608 from IP 92.245.5.*** | 23.11.2011 20:22

Mám problém s MySql neviem či ja robím chybu ale vypísuje mi #1045 Nedá sa prihlásiť k MySQL serveru

Stanislav Vaštyl from IP 82.209.8.*** | 23.11.2011 20:27
Dobrý den,
tato chyba znamená špatné přihlašovací údaje. Tj, login nebo heslo. Ověřte prosím zda máte tyto udaje správné..
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kohlsfeedback Survey from IP 2405:201:5c07:*** | 15.12.2020 11:31
With an Apple ID recovery key enabled, the account’s password can’t be changed through any means except on a trusted device and with possession of the key. A trusted device is one logged into iCloud using the Apple ID (or an account within macOS logged into iCloud with that account), and enrolled in two-factor authentication.  <a href="">kohlsfeedback Survey</a>
kohlsfeedback Survey from IP 2405:201:5c07:*** | 15.12.2020 11:34
With an Apple ID recovery key enabled, the account’s password can’t be changed through any means except on a trusted device and with possession of the key. A trusted device is one logged into iCloud using the Apple ID (or an account within macOS logged into iCloud with that account), and enrolled in two-factor authentication.
Homeowner from IP 106.67.34.*** | 15.10.2021 19:57
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Grout comes in two options - sanded and unsanded. Sanded grout is more popular because it ensures that joints are filled evenly, reduce shrinking cracks, and makes them easier to clean.
Samson Joe from IP 103.54.26.*** | 14.12.2020 07:05
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Sam from IP 103.54.26.*** | 14.12.2020 07:06
Same problem which many people are facing # 1045 >>> Unable to login to MySQL server.
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carsloans from IP 122.165.242.*** | 1.11.2021 10:22
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Indo Farm 3065 DI from IP 2405:201:5c07:*** | 14.12.2020 08:51
Indo Farm 4190 DI price  offered 3158 units within the financial yr 2018-2019. The income have in addition decreased to 2875 devices with a decline of about 8.Ninety six%.Despite gradual growth in tractor marketplace, Himachal Pradesh-based Indo Farm Equipment Ltd, maker of Indo Farm brand tractors is asking at registering double-digit boom within the current fiscal with excessive-powered tractors. Having launched 90 HP tractors for global in addition to domestic marketplace, the tractor manufacturer of high-energy segment tractors in India, announced its upcoming one hundred twenty HP tractors which may be accelerated to 150 HP for the global marketplace.
unisa port from IP 2405:201:5c07:*** | 4.1.2021 09:58
Broadband connection issues can be extremely frustrating, particularly now when so many people are working from home. Some 89 per cent of people use the internet every day and, with around a third (30 per cent) owning five or more connected devices, fast broadband speeds have never been more important.
piyanu from IP 2405:201:5c07:*** | 5.1.2021 07:14
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shannu from IP 2409:4070:408c:*** | 16.3.2021 10:32
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aariya from IP 2405:201:5c07:*** | 8.4.2021 10:23
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rahija from IP 117.196.239.*** | 17.5.2021 06:01
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login from IP 117.196.236.*** | 14.6.2021 09:16
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aarondevin from IP 2409:4070:4504:*** | 14.7.2021 07:38
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syrveyrewards from IP 2409:4072:6287:*** | 14.7.2021 14:25
For the development of the business in a productive way, every organization needs to take conclusions from their clients. Thus, to do this they dispatched a client criticism overview to hear significant input and thoughts from the benefactors. Essentially, Smart and Final organization additionally dispatched the 'Shrewd and Final Survey'. The primary point of this review is to start correspondence between Smart and Final and their customers. Consequently, in this article, we are giving you every one of the indispensable insights regarding the Smart and Final Customer Satisfaction Survey.
aarondevin from IP 2409:4070:2096:*** | 17.7.2021 17:09
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lolskinproo from IP 2409:4072:500:*** | 10.8.2021 13:49
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Alex from IP 110.235.239.*** | 11.8.2021 06:36
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Jonney Uncle from IP 110.235.239.*** | 11.8.2021 06:45 21002914/helvia/bitacora/index.cgi zm=3 08/23/Welcome-to-BlogEngineNET-20-using-Microsoft-SQL-Server.aspx guestbook.cgi gastbok members/dailymarketing/profile/ A=New&ForumID=317&TopicID=2119275& ParentID=0&NoTemplate=False#catforumeditor httpdocs/wforum/viewtopic.php?p=538136# 538136 PRS01/index.php?fc=module&module=smartblog& id_post=2&controller=details&id_lang=2 IMG/pdf/IMG/pdf/spip.php?breve3 u=13876* httpdocs/wforum/viewtopic.php?p=517928# 517928 timeline id= view/event_id/829/topic_id/113/post_id/ 25527 lng_sel=lg02_en 6128626/5562749.htm tickets/18000-more-related-to-technical-issues 29366#comment-95625 contor-energie-termica-ultrasonic-sharky-775-dn-25-qp-6-mch-mid-950/ adauga-comentariu f=12&t=2942&sid=4d4332884cfbb11aca29d3e170fc3c41 f=3&t=1104681&sid=3d895c7b4f7bf92265325d57ffa8466e comment-3509 sid=51b9ed74e2aa4be4d446edd08ef0615c f=2&t=2292932&sid=e421df82f37837d030bd697775d0c0f9 page=5 id=196744
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alex from IP 103.244.178.*** | 27.9.2021 16:56
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Maqsood Alam from IP 115.186.190.*** | 15.10.2021 09:39
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jesscia carvin from IP 110.93.247.*** | 15.10.2021 15:12
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Best Soldering iron for Electronics Beginners 2021–Buyer's Guide

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