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prodloužení domény
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O webu from IP *** | 21.11.2008 18:10


chci se zeptat na platbu za doménu, mám teď u Vás hosting, a doména mi vyprší dnešním dnem jak a kde ji mohu prodloužit??

Díky Petr
Autor: Petr

Petr from IP 89.29.86.*** | 21.11.2008 18:11
Jedná se o
Petr from IP 89.29.86.*** | 21.11.2008 18:26

tak už jsem si zažadal v administraci o prodlouženi.

james flick from IP 111.119.177.*** | 18.3.2021 12:23
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As expected, Content Marketing applied to a business that sells to consumers cannot be the same as that developed for a business that sells to other organizations.
It is a fact that valuable and quality content can be effective in the field of Business to Business . According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute:
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In short, B2B businesses are able to boost their reputation by sharing their specialized knowledge in the form of content, which helps them to position themselves as specialists in the sector and to gain the trust of the audience.
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To achieve this, we share some tips that may be useful to you:
While B2C audiences are more aware of entertainment and make their purchase decisions based on feelings and emotions, the B2B audience is made up of professionals who base their decisions on facts, studies and what reason dictates.
Bearing this in mind, a fictitious profile must be created , known in Inbound Marketing as a buyer persona , to this fictitious representation to whom they can deliver themselves looking for innovative information that is really useful for their day to day.
Once you have correctly defined your buyer personas in the most correct and specific way , you must determine what platforms you will use and what types of content you are going to disseminate.
According to studies, the contents for a B2C business cannot be the same for a B2B company, because while the former focus a little more on entertainment, the latter refer to facts and technical knowledge.
That is why the types of content for B2B are: success stories , case studies, webinars , technical reports, whitepapers , etc. To learn how to prepare an editorial calendar of topics and ideal formats for your B2B audience, consult the article “ How to create the best editorial calendar for your business blog? "
However, this is not set in stone and it is necessary to listen to the public to know what they prefer. In this way, some businesses find videos more effective and others e-books or infographics to capture the attention of their audiences.
Of all the types of content that can be used for a B2B business the favorite is they webinars . This format is a kind of online conference in which you interact with the participants and, well, with them This format is a kind of online conference in which you interact with the participants and establish direct relationships with potential customers , generated trust and the feeling that they are communicating with true experts in the sector.
For Content Marketing for a B2B business to be successful, it is not only necessary to adapt the content to the interests and behaviors of buyer personas , but to each phase they go through in the purchasing process .
Visits to your website can come from anywhere on the web, from comments on your blog optimized with the appropriate keywords or from the very social networks with positive comments about your company.
To capture these leads, it is necessary to have landing pages with forms so that they are duly filled in with the necessary data of these prospects, so that leads can be nurtured with the appropriate content for the stage in which they are.
Finally, to continue building loyalty, webinars and social networks are essential. They allow you to create long-term relationships so that your business remains in the memory of your potential customers. LinkedIn is the best social network for digital strategies in B2B businesses where it is promoted and to feed with relevant content.
Since the B2B public is usually made up of professionals, who have a limited time for their searches, the amount of content that they can select for later consultation takes barely a few seconds to remain in the background; that is, it is preferable that they choose a well explained 30 minute webinar for later reference than 10 blog posts that take a few minutes each.
This does not mean that it is not necessary to publish continuously through the various digital platforms that your business may have; Rather, it is about the fact that you must prioritize some types of content over others and promote placing in the first place those that are exclusive, original, dictated by experts in the area and linguistically correct.
It is necessary to optimize that you constantly optimize your platforms so that the content is really of quality and has the correct structure, since organic searches are still a fundamental way to generate online traffic .
However, the fact that you publish specialized content does not give you a winning pass, it is important that you take into account all the good SEO practices so that you stay on the main page that the search engine places to your target audience.
In conclusion, the content of your B2B business must be oriented to audiences that seek quality over quantity, containing and containing specialized information that allows them to make a purchase decision based on the reason given by the facts.

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Lukáš Dvorok from IP 85.135.110.*** | 21.11.2008 18:50
V pořádku přijde výzva kterou uhraďte.

S pozdravem
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