Problémy s FTP připojením

Problémy s FTP připojením
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Pavel Dopita from IP 37.48.44.*** | 3.3.2014 14:29

Dobrý den,

nestává se vám, že se vám odmítá sestavit ftp spojení? Používám Total Commander, v pasivním režimu, bez ukládání hesla a aniž bych měnil nastavení, tak jednou to jde a pak, zejména, když se zapomenu odhlásit a spojení spadne, tak třeba hodinu to zkouším marně. Pak to opět jde. Nemáte někdo zkušenost, jak si spojení vynutit?



Edgar Fletcher from IP 31.223.13.*** | 20.12.2020 09:28
Ftp také měl takové problémy, myslím, že se snaží používat různé programy nebo se snaží změnit nastavení.
jabari795 from IP 202.66.176.*** | 2.3.2021 10:58
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Epson 0xf1 from IP 182.64.37.*** | 23.6.2021 13:21
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Evie johnson from IP 27.4.174.*** | 2.7.2021 12:20
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soundcloudtomp3downloader from IP 2405:4800:74c7:*** | 3.8.2021 12:54
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RINY from IP 157.46.149.*** | 26.8.2021 11:21
FTP immediately turned into an ordinary need for document trade as work environments began utilizing the Internet, yet issues with FTP were uncovered quite expeditiously: organizations had delicate information to send and share, and FTP wasn't cutting it. When organizations bounced on the web, the way of life of information security moved, and the issues with FTP were revealed. Developing, keeping up with, and investigating content can occupy time and put the brunt of the weight on specific representatives, causing bottlenecks if something needs to change – and they're not in the workplace. Many FTP clients report issues like association mistakes and conflicting usefulness. For instance, while FTP is definitely not another innovation, not all customers and workers work the same way. Some get entangled when occasions don't follow ordinary orders, making records be lost to the ether – and giving your FTP administrators more to stress over.<a href="">more details on this</a>
Paul from IP 2400:adc1:1ea:*** | 26.8.2021 15:34
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Anderson from IP 2400:adc1:1ea:*** | 26.8.2021 15:35
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angelaangie from IP 2405:204:110d:*** | 4.9.2021 13:01
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Anshika Ahuja from IP 45.118.165.*** | 30.9.2021 08:20
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Diksha from IP 45.118.165.*** | 30.9.2021 08:21
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james from IP 39.45.41.*** | 2.10.2021 12:09
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peter js from IP 2409:4072:6d00:*** | 4.10.2021 09:11
<a href="">192.168.l0.1 ptcl</a>

<a href=""></a>

<a href=""></a>

Im grateful for the article post. Much thanks again. Cool.
peter js from IP 2409:4072:6d00:*** | 4.10.2021 09:13
It is also a default gateway that is used worldwide by the various popular router and modem brands.

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